Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Come and see my new tattoo

I went with CInda and Mikki up to "Forever Bonnie" in Meredith, NH to get Cinda her first tattoo. She'd wanted one for "about 10 years" but only had said anything to me 3 or 4 years ago. She decided she wanted her business logo, a cartoon-y blue chameleon with a long red tongue snagging a fly. Mikki has been egging Cinda on for at least two years now, since the two of them stopped in a tattoo parlor in Derry to 'check it out'. Cin was kind of anxious about making a big step for herself, Mikki was in a frenzy, "Ma, I want one too. I want one!"

They wandered through pages of flash and old tattoo magazines while they waited for Bonnie to get set up. I ended up buying Mikki a nose stud and its piercing to keep her pacified.

I had thought I was going to get a copy of Cin's chameleon but Bonnie had messed up/misunderstood my appointment. I ended up having Bonnie's daughter, Halle, doing my tat. I chose a neat scorpion for my left knee (opposite my Lucky Cricket) and some kanji characters on my left arm. I threatened to get "CINDA" tattooed across my chest.

Next time it's an all-day affair to get a really neat chameleon or one of Sailor Jerry's "Aloha Monkeys".

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Entering the blogosphere

Great! A place to publish my inner workings and hidden mechanisms. So much to think about. Politics, Religion, Diabetes and its consequences, Unrequited Love, Unrequited Lust... And so it begins...